Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Halfway There

The Twins have played 15 spring games, with 15 more to come. 7 more players were cut this morning. Here's the status of the main guys who remain:

Getting It Done
Joe Mauer
Delmon Young
Craig Monroe
Randy Ruiz - it won't be his fault if he doesn't make the roster
Boof Bonser
Pat Neshek
Juan Rincon
Dennys Reyes
Joe Nathan
Philip Humber - quietly outpitching most of his competition
Brian Bass - not too shabby, either

So Far, So Good
Michael Cuddyer
Nick Blackburn
Denard Span - officially .227/.393/.318, but I think of him as .280/.419/.400. Not too shabby either way.
Adam Everett - doing about as well as anyone would have expected
Mike Lamb
Jason Pridie - apparently no longer in the running for the CF job, but very much alive for the bench spot
Nick Blackburn
Carmen Cali
Francisco Liriano - at least he's getting his work in and getting up to speed
Scott Baker - looked good before the "tweaked" muscle
Jesse Crain

Need to Pick It Up
Justin Morneau
Jason Kubel
Brian Buscher - the average really slipped since last week
Nick Punto
Brendan Harris - really? One of these guys has to be the 2nd baseman?
Livan Hernandez
Kevin Slowey
Matt Guerrier
Glen Perkins
Kevin Mulvey

I was surprised to see DePaula and Casilla cut today. I thought they were performing pretty well for the most part. We'll probably see them later in '08. If I had to pick winners in the position battles right now,

CF - Span is still in the lead. And, frankly, I don't think Gomez is going to grow up enough in the next two weeks to change my mind.
2B - Since I can't give it to Casilla, I guess Punto is the better choice. Not compelling, so far.
Bench - Randy Ruiz really deserves it. Pridie is right behind him.
5th starter - Philip Humber remains unblemished through 9 innings. Bass and Blackburn are also performing very well. Slowey and Perkins have their work cut out for them.
12 pitcher - Humber, Bass and Blackburn are possibilities here as well. Cali has also had a good week. Since I'd rather have the other guys starting somewhere, Cali has the edge in my mind.

Nothing set yet...

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