Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stars Align

When I'm not blogging (i.e. most of this summer) or taking care of my two small children, I'm producing music and sound for film, theater, whatever. I'm trying to break into the video game business now that I'm up in Seattle. My quest for work in a new city has pretty much squelched my Twins habit since the move. But, this week, my two passions collided.

As I hope you already know, Aaron Gleeman and the Twins Geek have teamed up for a new podcast called, appropriately, Gleeman and the Geek. They put out a call for submissions for theme music and logos. The music I submitted appeared in podcast #3 this week. It's sort of ESPN Radio meets South Park. After the music fades, the hour they spend talking about the Twins is pretty great, too. Check it out!