Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Been One Week

Here's an early assessment of the Twins after their first 7 days of spring games:

Getting It Done
Brian Buscher - even his outs are rockets
Joe Mauer - seeing the ball well already
Delmon Young - hitting the ball hard, but taking some pitches before he does
Boof Bonser - of course, the first 3 innings never were his problem...
Pat Neshek
Scott Baker
Denard Span
Nick Blackburn
Matt Guerrier
Jason Pridie
Randy Ruiz

So Far, So Good
Dennys Reyes - throwing strikes and getting lots of grounders
Juan Rincon
LIvan Hernandez - might have a chance against aggressive lineups
Jesse Crain - just good to see him pitching again
Mike Lamb
Julio DePaula
Philip Humber
Alexi Casilla
Mike Redmond

Need To Pick It Up
Carlos Gomez - every game he shows off one of his tools, he also makes a mistake. So raw.
Justin Morneau
Jason Kubel
Michael Cuddyer - these 3 are kinda the heart of the order, aren't they?
John Knott
Matt Tolbert
Matt Macri
Garrett Jones - long shot, but a HR off Joba is a good start
Brian Bass
Kevin Mulvey
Casey Daigle
Randy Keisler - looked good against the Yanks today
Ricky Barrett
Zach Day

Kevin Slowey - has to locate the fastball down and away to lefties
Brendan Harris - nothing at the plate, and not much in the field either
Glen Perkins
Brian Duensing
Carmen Cali - useless unless he can come in and throw strikes
Jose Morales - is he going to get thrown out every time he gets on base?

Need to See More
Joe Nathan
Craig Monroe
Deolis Guerra
Nick Punto
Adam Everett
Alejandro Machado
Tommy Watkins
Bobby Korecki
and, of course,
Francisco Liriano

If I had to pick the winners of the contested spots right now, they'd be:
2B - Alexi Casilla
CF - Denard Span, but Pridie is close
5th starter - Nick Blackburn
12th pitcher - Julio DePaula, although Randy Keisler could be close behind
Bench - Brian Buscher, and Pridie has to get some consideration here as well

On to week 2...

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