Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mayor's Cup Round 5

Didn't get to follow the game today, so these thoughts are based on the box score/write-up.

Liriano threw 53 pitches. Not very many of them were good pitches, but at least it keeps him on pace to go 5-6 innings the first week of the season.

Good to see Brendan Harris' bat wake up a bit. He might need to hit like that every day to make up for his "D" at 2nd.

Another 0-fer for Gomez. I don't know how patient he was in any of his 3 ABs, but he's still not showing much as a leadoff hitter.

Mulvey has probably earned himself a spot in the AAA rotation.

Mauer is awesome - did I mention he's on my fantasy team?

It's suddenly been a while since Buscher had a hit fall in.

Ruiz really wants to make the team - and his chances look better all the time.

Sox win the cup. Again.

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