Thursday, February 26, 2009

Notes from Game 2

Twins 10, Reds 4

I was bummed that not even the Reds bothered to broadcast this game, so my all my comments are based on the box score and the write-ups.

Nick Blackburn followed Glen Perkins' outing last night with 2 solid innings. It would have been nice to see a strikeout in there, but at least 4 of the 6 batters he faced put the ball on the ground.

The Twins used 8 pitchers in the game, and 7 of them did quite well. The one that didn't was Philip Humber. He gave up 4 R on 4 H and a HBP in his 1 IP, and it didn't sound like the hits were cheap. Meanwhile, R.A. Dickey had a scoreless inning with 3 K. As I said yesterday, it is possible for Humber to pitch himself out of the last bullpen spot. He'll need to put this outing solidly behind him the next time he takes the mound.

I know it's only been 5 AB, but Brian Buscher looks like a man on a mission. At least he's proving that he's got more slugging potential than he showed last season. Brendan Harris had a nice game, too.

Carlos Gomez didn't get a hit, but he didn't strike out in 3 AB either.

Denard Span got a start in left field and went 1 for 3. Keeping the pressure on Delmon Young, no doubt.

Looking forward to listening to the game tomorrow.

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