Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When It Rains...

Twins 12, White Sox 5

The Twins don't have the most formidable lineup in the league - it's not even in the top 3 in the division. But it's better than 3 runs a game, so an eruption was bound to come sooner or later. Some notable things:

Jason Kubel hit a grand slam and knocked in 6 runs, his best single-game performance since last July when he hit a grand slam and knocked in 7 runs, also against the White Sox in Chicago.

The beneficiary of Kubel's finest days was, in both cases, Scott Baker. In his last 2 starts at US Cellular Field, he's allowed 10 ER in 10 IP, yet is 2-0, thanks to 32 total runs of support. Boof Bonser would kill for a quarter of that.

Carlos Gomez and Delmon Young each drew a walk! I'm going to chart how many times they walk in the same game this season. I'll bet it doesn't happen more than once a month.

Gomez had himself a fine game, despite being picked off in the first. He had 4 PAs that lasted 4 or more pitches, drew the aforementioned walk, did not strike out, and made a fine diving catch.

Every Twins starter had a hit except Adam Everett. Tolbert is starting tomorrow, right?

Congratulations to Brian Bass on his first Major League save (snicker - what a silly stat!). He allowed just 1 ER in 4 IP, saving the rest of the bullpen for a rainy day.

I hope that rainy day comes tomorrow, and keeps up for half the weekend. The Sox lineup is freaky hot right now - I don't like Livan's chances against them. Whenever the game is made up they'll almost certainly have cooled off. In addition, Slowey is still not well, and Liriano doesn't look like he's quite ready to come up yet, so an extra off day or two would be most helpful for the Twins as far as hiding their non-existent 5th starter. Where's Crash Davis when you need him?

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